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Picking a Model For Your Martial Arts Business

Saturday, September 4th, 2010

The producer’s job is to find talent, and basically promote that talent. In the producer model the owner acts as the program director and trains instructors as the talent. The producer’s job as the program director is to sell the talent he has trained to benefit as many people in his community as possible with his martial arts business. The other way to set up your school is for you, the owner, to be the talent. You may want to be the instructor because you are the person who is obviously the most passionate about sharing your knowledge. But as the talent you then need to find someone who can take on the producer role or program director role in your martial arts business. This person will help you market and help you sell your talent to your community. For a quick lesson look at the entertainment business and model your martial arts business after it. The producer and the talent work hand in hand together just like good program directors and instructors do.

After a certain point it is very hard to grow your school by yourself. Imagine if the great pop star didn’t have a team behind her? There will come a time when trying to promote your skills all alone becomes very difficult. That’s when you’ll have to pick a model for your martial arts school. You must decide which role you want to take on – Instructor or program director. If you want to be the instructor your key role is to align yourself with someone who has good communication skills. They’ll be dealing with people one on one and in group settings. Your program director must also believe in your mission.

If you choose to take on the opposite role you’ll act as the producer and find talent to proliferate your art. You must then train your talent and set them up for success by giving them class plans and standards to follow. Then, you must keep them happy with adequate compensation. You can certainly use your skills to rotate between jobs until you decide which way you want to go. Just never forget that’s it’s really hard to build a martial arts business all by yourself. Which ever role you choose find talented people to take on responsibility who believe in the martial arts and the mission of your business.