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The Art of Collecting Vintage Guitars

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Have you ever considered becoming a collector of vintage guitars? This can be a rewarding, albeit expensive hobby. However, if you make wise choices, your investment can pay you back ten fold. Many famous rock stars have had their guitars sell for as much as a million dollars. While this is most likely too rich for your blood, there are still some great vintage guitars out there that you can invest in. One good thing about the vintage guitar market is that it has rarely if ever fallen off, like sports card did when they hit rock bottom in the mid 90s. The appeal of older guitars has seemed to grow over the last several decades, and many of these guitars have not only held their value, but increased substantially.

While monetary gain is a great reason to start collecting, there is more to investing in vintage guitars than a return investment. There is something to be said for hanging one of these beauties on the wall of your favorite room and showing it off to friends and family. It is a major understatement to say that it is a good conversation piece. Vintage guitars come in all shapes, sizes and types and like a vintage muscle car, just being old doesn’t qualify it as a collector’s piece. It must have been discontinued by the manufacturer or some other influence to make it a collectible piece. Many other factors also come into play such as condition, rarity, previous owners and of course the manufacturer.

Buying and selling these guitars takes a good amount of dedication and learning about the history of each manufacturer. It simply isn’t possible to become an expert on the subject overnight. This “hobby” has a way of sucking you in and enriching your life in many, many ways. If you do your homework, it is very plausible that a vintage guitar you buy today could double or triple in price within a decade. Talk about a return on your investment! It simply doesn’t get much better than that.