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Why do I sometimes get errors when creating or rendering boolean objects?

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

There are some known flaws in the algorithm which Art of Illusion uses to calculate the surfaces of boolean objects. Eventually, I plan to rewrite it to use a different algorithm which does not have those flaws. That will be a major project, however, so it may not happen for a while.

The problems occur when the two objects have faces which are exactly flush with each other. To work around them, make sure that no face of one object lies exactly on top of a face of the other object. For example, if you are taking the difference between two objects, make sure the object you are subtracting extends slightly outside the object you are subtracting it from.

Boolean modelling also works better if you do not use deeply nested boolean operations. Instead, create the first boolean object, convert it to a triangle mesh, and then use that mesh as the input to the second operation.