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Salaray Range For Art Design Field

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

A career in fashion might sound lucrative, but only the very top of the best fashion designers in the world earn millions or billions of dollars. It has been estimated that the middle 50 percent of fashion designers in the U.S. with three to five years experience earn between $35,000 and $52,000 with room for more earning potential if your career grows. The same is true of jobs in the interior design field. In their first two years in the industry, most interior designers make anywhere from $29,000 to just over $41,000. But after eight or more years of experience, that art design salary range is more like $54,000 to $81,000.

Graphic design is another great avenue to take if you are thinking of getting a degree in the arts, as this is a burgeoning field. There are many career choices in the graphic arts, though, and the median salary varies quite a bit from one job to the next. The median art design salary is $72,000 for an art director, $98,000 for a creative director, $45,000 for a designer, $62,000 for a senior designer, $60,000 for a freelance designer, and $55,000 for a web designer. An entry-level designer will only earn around $35,000, but there is great room for advancement. As with any job, it’s important to do as much research as you can to find the right career.

Arts and Design Career Training Options – Fly with Art

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Students who are looking to start a career in this field can do so by gaining the skills and knowledge needed to pursue their desired career through various schools and colleges. Degrees are available at various levels and students can earn certificates in specific areas as well. Students can choose to learn to work in fashion design, interior design, Feng Shui, and much more based on their individual career goals.


By obtaining a certificate or degree in this field students can learn various design techniques based on their desired career. Professionals are trained to work in a variety of industries designing clothing, creating sketches, arranging living spaces, selecting paint and furniture, and much more. Training allows students to pursue careers in video game design, photography, animation, commercial art, architecture, marketing, and much more. With an accredited degree or certificate students can start training for a career in arts and design.

*Degrees and Certificates

Students can earn an associates degree in as little as two years. With an accredited associates degree students can enter into a bachelor’s degree program. Bachelor’s degrees take four years to obtain in this field and can prepare students for a master’s degree program. Accredited master’s degree training programs allow students to gain the most amount of knowledge in their desired area. Students can gain certificate to enhance their skills and knowledge after earning a degree or receive certificates in specialized careers in other industries.


Specific areas of study will vary by program and each individual student’s desired career. Studies may cover specific courses in computer aided design, sewing, drawing, ergonomics, furniture design, and many other related subjects. Students can learn the skills needed to enter into a variety of careers in the field. By enrolling in an accredited educational training program students will have the opportunity to start the career of their dreams.


By gaining an accredited education in arts and design students can find employment in a variety of career fields. Students who hold a degree or certificate can pursue careers as fashion designers, interior designers, graphic design artists, architects, and much more depending on their desired profession. Training opportunities will allow students to have the education and training they need to succeed in a variety of positions.