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Salaray Range For Art Design Field

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

A career in fashion might sound lucrative, but only the very top of the best fashion designers in the world earn millions or billions of dollars. It has been estimated that the middle 50 percent of fashion designers in the U.S. with three to five years experience earn between $35,000 and $52,000 with room for more earning potential if your career grows. The same is true of jobs in the interior design field. In their first two years in the industry, most interior designers make anywhere from $29,000 to just over $41,000. But after eight or more years of experience, that art design salary range is more like $54,000 to $81,000.

Graphic design is another great avenue to take if you are thinking of getting a degree in the arts, as this is a burgeoning field. There are many career choices in the graphic arts, though, and the median salary varies quite a bit from one job to the next. The median art design salary is $72,000 for an art director, $98,000 for a creative director, $45,000 for a designer, $62,000 for a senior designer, $60,000 for a freelance designer, and $55,000 for a web designer. An entry-level designer will only earn around $35,000, but there is great room for advancement. As with any job, it’s important to do as much research as you can to find the right career.

Become an Art Director

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Take the appropriate classes to learn more about it. It is the same with most careers, you must have a solid education in order to work as an art director. You should be sure to obtain your degree or completion certificate from an art school. Develop your skills by taking classes in graphic design, art, photography, and drawing. Be sure to have an apt knowledge of the current computer art direction programs out. Brush up on your social skills so that you can share your experience with your employers effectively.

How to create the best portfolio. Before you begin interviewing for positions you should create a portfolio of your best work. You should develop a collection of your work to be able to share with any possible employer. You can include advertisements, book covers, and magazine layouts in your portfolio. Don’t worry if you don’t have any examples at the moment, they can be added as part of a school project. Eventually they will come to you which is when you will be able to make updates to your portfolio.

Accepting a position as an intern is one way to get experience. One way to work toward the position of art director is to study the trade early on in your career as an intern. You should speak with book publishers, ad agencies and editors regarding any possible internship opportunities. There could also be a list of possible art internships at your school’s career center. The experience you can gain from accepting internship positions can greatly help in finding a permanent career as an art director.

Applying for jobs as an art director that you may find. Once you have completed your formal education or internship, it will be time to apply for a position as art director. Be sure to let your supervisor know that you are interested in a full-time art director position if you have just finished an internship. Maybe you will be able to stay working for the business where you did your intern work. You can also check the company website to see if they are currently hiring. Your resume should include your most recent accomplishments in art design and be accompanied by a customized cover letter applicable to the company you would like to be employed by in the future. Stick with it and in time you will get a job as an art director.