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Decorate The Living Room

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Decorating the living room is easy as long as you have a conceived plan on what design and furnishings are necessary to make the living room a favorite part of the house. The idea of decorating is not only for the admiration of friends and visitors but to provide a family ambience of comfort and peace. Art reproductions service has become important considerations in home design. For the ordinary individual, getting hold of an original masterpiece is next to impossible but a replica can always be readily availed of with the art reproductions service.

The art reproductions service satisfies the need of the family to own a painting that could hardly be discerned from the original except by the art connoisseurs. The art reproductions service of memorable scenery or a picturesque landscape can be hanged in the living room wall in all its glory with the furnishings to complement the piece of art. The size of the art reproduction may occupy a big space, hence the need for planning before buying the other furnishings to complete the intended design.

One favorite design for art reproductions service is the sea. The art reproductions service done by a skilled painter can replicate the calming blue waves of the sea to lend comfort to the family. One example of such masterpiece is the Seascape near Les Saintes Maries dela Mer by Vincent Van Gogh. The vibrancy of the colors in the art reproduction creates meaning to the living room. Sunrise is also a favorite subject of art reproductions service. The magnificence of land, water and air is optimized in the painting of Impression Sunrise by Claude Monet.

The popularity of art reproductions service as a part of a home design has paved the way for professional and skilled artists to ply their trade. Artists can create a positive reputation for the work they do in replicating originals. The art reproductions service that the artists do with skill and quality handiwork are the primary reasons for the lucrative business enjoyed by websites and art galleries. It only takes an individual to closely scrutinize the art reproductions service if it will serve the purpose of giving life to the home.

Art Painting Tips

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Art Paintings Tip #1

Be free.
Set aside all daily duties and routine actions and thoughts. The dishes can be done later and in fact much faster once you have expressed yourself – you will be surprised. Make sure there are plenty of drop cloths on the floor in order to create as freely as possible. It is vital to have complete freedom to express yourself without being limited by making a mess. Wear some old clothes and remember what it felt like as a child to have fun making abstract art paintings at kindergarten.

Art Paintings Tip #2

Centre yourself.
Free yourself from thoughts of bills, household chores, work and family responsibilities. There is plenty of time to worry about these things later. Sit for several minutes and contemplate what gives you joy, pains you at the moment, or the uppermost feeling in your self. Get ready to express this. Choose some music which lifts your spirit and supports you painting an abstract painting with wild abandon.

Art Paintings Tip #3

Do not expect anything from the art.
Let go of all expectations. This is the hardest of all. All our lives we want to paint a good apple or draw a perfect orange. Forget it and forget that grade 5 teacher that told you- you couldn’t draw. Just enjoy the moment and see what comes. Don’t be concerned by the pristine white canvas. If you feel the need to cover that white as fast as possible, in order to get that fear out of the way, then go for it. You could start your abstract art painting by applying any single colour to the canvas to cover it completely. Then start choosing colours just for fun or go with your gut feeling.

Art Paintings Tip #4

Put more paint on your brush or use your hands!
Don’t worry about making a mess getting paint on your face, on the floor, or on clothes. Don’t worry about making a mistake, I believe there are no mistakes in art, only discoveries and challenges to be solved. You do not have to let the first layer of paint dry before you apply more. Wet on wet is a great way to make a fabulous abstract art painting. Use whatever tools are available to make your marks, maybe there is an old toothbrush lying around the house, try it out. Try wiping back into the freshly applied paint. Don’t be scared of the medium. Let go and enjoy. Paint with wild abandon and see what happens. Do not hold back.

Art Paintings Tip #5

Stop! and stand right back.
What do you see? Look beyond the marks and the things you are not happy with. Really look at it, for quite a while. Walk away, have a cup of tea and come back later and look at it. What do you suddenly see? For this is what abstract art painting is all about.

Art Paintings Tip #6

Recognize what you have painted.
Take the time to recognize what you have painted. Do you see shapes that could be drawn out more? Do you see colours and marks that work really well against one another? Ask your friends and family which parts of your abstract art painting they like. Take your time to see what you have painted, it becomes clearer over time.

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