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Museums And Galleries In Prague

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Europe is known for many wonderful things. As an Art lover myself I must confess that the most impressive characteristic of this continent is the over abundance of Art galleries and museums. Every city absolutely pulsates with them; primary sources of history captured on a piece of canvas or carved in stone, priceless artifacts left for the public to devour and decipher in order to teach us the lessons of the artists’ pasts and our delicate future. For a long time Western Europe was the coveted destination for connoisseurs of Art, students seeking an education in Art history, or the eager tourist looking for that perfect replica of the Mona Lisa to hang above their mantelpiece or a naked David to place in their garden. This is no longer true. Pack your bags and head east! Central and Eastern Europe are full of exciting museums and galleries just waiting to be lovingly explored. And while the Western museums and galleries house the works of Art featuring household names, Eastern museums and galleries have something they simply don’t have; a visual history of their past, showcasing many contemporary pieces which scream the truth, and sometimes nostalgia behind the past trials and horrors of the Iron Curtain. There is one city in particular that deserves undivided attention concerning its museums, and that is Prague. A destination long deemed ‘exotic,’ even ‘dangerous’ by some, is now one of Europe’s top destinations filled with preserved architectural gems and a variety of museums worth writing home about. With Art galleries opening left and right, this city is on the cusp of something big. Get here before it explodes, and to warn you, it is very close, as Prague is no longer Europe’s best-kept secret.