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Is It Design? Art? Or Just a Dutch Joke?

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

If you want your view of contemporary design vigorously shaken, take in “Simply Droog” at the Museum of Arts & Design. Subtitled “10 + 3 Years of Creating Innovation and Discussion,” this show scatters nearly 150 objects — most intended for household use — throughout three floors. All have been created or championed by Droog Design, a many-headed, loosely affiliated collective of mostly, but not entirely, Dutch designers and architects.

Droog, which is Dutch for dry or wry and is pronounced something like “draulk,” was convened in 1993 by the designer Gijs Bakker and the art historian Renny Ramakers. They were partly inspired by several contemporaries, to whose work the Droog label has been retroactively affixed. Tejo Remy’s famous Rag chair, for example — a bulky lounger made of old textiles and clothes strapped together with metal tape — was made in 1991, as was his peculiar “Milk-Bottle Lamp.”