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The Computer Art

Computer art is a term used to describe the creative designs and pictorials that can be created using a computer, or computer keyboard. Computer art can be used by using only the keyboard by implementing different keys to create a design.

As the personal computer has become more widely available in the last decade, computer art has made great strides. The effect of computers in the art world has been and continues to be very profound. The computer has radically changed the way that art is produced and disseminated. A controversy has arisen over whether computer-generated art or computer-assisted art is true art. Computer-generated and computer-assisted art works are true art. The computer is just another tool at the disposal of the artist. The use of the computer as a tool or medium is the choice of each individual artist working in the realm of visual arts.

There are also forms of art that combine traditional forms of media with newer digital methods to create works of art that can be more difficult to effectively categorize. Computer art can also include artwork that is created within or outside of a computer, but which utilizes a computer for effective demonstration of the work.

Also called digital art, computer art typically uses computers and modern technology in the creation of visual media. Such computer art can be created for fine art purposes or for commercial purposes, such as for advertising campaigns and website design.